Family History

 The Cowboy History of the Neeley Family

Dr. Columbus Taylor Neeley was born in Cumberland KY and went to medical school there. He was one of 3 children born to Ruthy Jane Neeley. 


At some point in time, Dr. Neeley migrated west where he met and married Demarious Beaver, the daughter of a prominent businessman, Wilson A Beaver, who has the town of Beaver, AR named for him. Mr. Beaver was a member of the Choctaw and Chickasaw mounted rifles under General Stand Watie. 


Dr. Neeley settled in Tuskahoma, the Choctaw capitol, and was the first Doctor to the Choctaw nation. He was best friends with Principal Chief and territorial governor, Jackson McCurtain. 
Dr. Neeley built a hotel in Tuskahoma and it was a popular resting place for the other McCurtain brothers and cousins who were US Marshals under Hanging Judge Isaac Parker. 

Dr. Neeley passed away in 1884 from an unknown cause.